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More than 120 Estonian photographers are participating in Isolation Dialogues – a large-scale project of the Tallinn Museum of Photography.

In order to provide creative output during the quarantine period and record the sense of the weird situation we are in at the moment, the Museum of Photography invited photographers and photo artists to hold photographic dialogues between themselves. The project that will run until the end of the emergency situation (17 May) is a constantly updated wordless dialogic reflection of isolation available at Time and again, the viewers can come back to the Isolation Dialogues and see how the emotions in seclusion have developed.

Annika Haas, initiator and lead of the project of the Museum of Photography explains the principles of the dialogues in the following way: “Artists participate in the project by invitation and they create their visual discussions in pairs. Each photo is a response to the previous photo of their discussion partner and that is how a dialogue is born. The topic of discussion does not have to be about being in isolation. It is the connecting point of the project that brings the photographers together. We record this extraordinary situation based on perception. The photographers may talk about anything they like in their visual dialogue, because in any case the current context of life is influenced by quarantine. The aim and result of the project is to convey the world view of each photographer that has come about through personal perception of isolation to the viewers – a reflection of the peculiar physical and mental situation of our time as an historical fact, but through art.”

The Isolation Dialogues is inspired by the Alena Shminke and Mike Rossi exhibition Dialogues, which will be presented at the Museum of Photography soon. Two artists, being hundreds of kilometres away from each other, started a photographic dialogue between themselves. This led to unexpected results, opened the inner world, experiences and sense of the world of two people who did not know each other.

The project was initiated and is led by Annika Haas and Johanna Rannula. The photographic dialogues are published, in addition to the website of the Isolation Dialogues also at the social media pages (Instagram, Facebook) of the Museum of Photography. When the emergency situation ends, the dialogues between the artists will become a book and an exhibition.

Virtual exhibition designed by Ann Vaida and Emily Aalde


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