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Therapeutic Teepee Opens In Front of Kai Art Center

Marianne Jõgi’s outdoor installation Interaural Contour I opens Saturday, July 18th at the Noblessner Marina in front of the Kai Art Center. This Kai summer project aims to enrich the area surrounding the center with new contemporary art.


Marianne Jõgi’s outdoor installation is an acoustically active environment whose structure not only promotes both relaxation and wellbeing, but also supports learning. Substantiated by neuroscientific research and drawing from artist Marianne Jõgi’s background in music theory and sculpture, this floating teepee offers a very particular sensorial experience. The immersive sculpture is accompanied by composer Ülo Krigul’s sound piece Water Itself that we encourage you to listen to with cordless headphones. We recommend participation either alone or in groups of up to 5.


International audiences had the opportunity to experience the work during London Art Night 2018 at Battersea Park. Now the installation is being presented at the newly renovated Noblessner Marina in Tallinn, where it is visible around the clock until autumn.

In July Interaural Contour I is open for visitors for free  on the following days:

Tuesday, July 21st 12pm to 5pm
Wednesday, July 22nd 12pm to 5pm
Thursday, July 23rd 12pm to 5pm
Tuesday, July 28th 12pm to 5pm
Wednesday, July 29th 12pm to 5pm
Thursday, July 30th 12pm to 5pm

The installation can also be visited at other times by appointment with a 2 EUR/person ticket (maximum group size is 5 people). Please contact triin@kai.center to register.


The project is supported by Tallinn Culture Department and Port Noblessner.


Gallery name: Kai Art Centre

Address: Peetri 12, Noblessner, Tallinn

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 12:00 - 20:00

Open: 18.07.2020 - 01.09.2020