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You have received a follow request by @_snowwhite89_ .She shares a lot about herself. Too much for some, but she enjoys it. She gave a finger to the network that has now taken her hand. And everyone else's hands too. The hands of people who check up on her: how she dyes her hair in the morning or why she can't sleep at night. And they enjoy it.

What would you do? Would you accept the request – why so? Do you believe her? Maybe you do. You even send a message to her and signal that you’re out there too. You may feel that you are experiencing a certain closeness with her, maybe the closest you have felt over the past year with someone.

The exhibition “I share myself with pleasure” takes place simultaneously on Instagram and in the project space of Naked Island. It explores the formation of one’s self-image, sensations of closeness and alienation, and coping mechanisms in the age of technological mediation. This art project is based on a semi-fictional story, focusing on topics such as the search for self-reflection, self-love and intimacy, the effects of isolation on the mental and physical body, and aging and mortality.

“I share myself with pleasure” questions the extent to which it is possible to open oneself up on social media and how followers take part in the construction of the self-image. Are we capable of seeing the other person, or do we only see our reflection? Will exposure lead to greater self-acceptance? Or can the image creation of oneself mean alienation from oneself?

The gallery thanks: Estonian Cultural Endowment, Estonian Health Museum, Tiia, Mati, Tarmo,

Graphic design: Henri Kutsar

Curator and press contact:
Maria Helen Känd

Gallery name: Naked Island

Address: Laevastiku 3, Tallinn

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10:00 - 19:00, Sun 10:00 - 19

Open: 10.06.2021 - 16.06.2021