NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The exhibition culminates the two-year EAA creative research grant “Käsmu People and Houses” led by Associate Professor of Graphic Arts Eve Kase. Within the framework of the project, students of EAA, Tallinn University and the University of Tartu experimented with artistic, spatial and ethnographic knowledge creation.

The exhibition, created in collaboration with artists, anthropologists, folklorists, architects and interior architects, deals with the change and functioning of rural life in modern Estonia through Käsmu village and as a summer resort of Käsmu phenomenon, where batteries have been recharged for centuries and abroad. Important topics are feeling of place, memory and relationship with nature. In the Shipyard you can see paintings, graphics, installations, videos and photos from 19 authors, many of whom are related to Käsmu and based on autobiographical facts in their works.

The second part of the work has grown out of the summer internship in Käsmu and interviews with local residents. Several works document the Soviet-era Käsmu moves of Moscow’s conceptualists, who later became world-famous.

Exhibition curators: Eve Kask ja Elo-Hanna Seljamaa

Participants: Eero Alev, Ann Marie Ansper, Anni Kagovere, Anna Kaarma, Eve Kask, Sidney Lepp, Ingrid Nielsen, Mark Antonius Puhkan, Hildegard Reimann, Lev Rubinštein, Edmund August Friedrich Russow, Elo-Hanna Seljamaa, Ilja Sundelevitš, Mari-Liis Sõrg, Liisa Tammert, Kelli Valk, Mart Veelmaa, Liis-Marleen Verilaskja

Designers: Delija Thakur (projektijuht), Veera Gontšugova, Triin Kampus, Anni Kõrvemaa, Eeros Lees, Anna Aurelia Minev, Grete Liis Nagelmann, Viktoria Ugur, Maria Uiboaid, Linda Zupping

Graphic design: Anna Kaarma

Consultants: Eha Komissarov, Hans-Gunter Lock (audio)


Gallery name: Noblessner's Shipyard

Address: Allveelaeva 4, Tallinn

Opening hours: Opened by appointment, +372 5669 2205

Open: 26.11.2020 - 10.12.2020