NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Rae Cultural Center invites Hope Art to the exhibition "Fantasy and Creativity have no borders"! The exhibition of the art circle is open in the cafe of Rae Kultuurikeskus.

Hope Art carries a pattern of borderless creation and peaceful flow. There is no hurry, no boundaries and no fear of failure. In the rhythm of calm, we offer both young and old the opportunity to fly in fantasy and learn to express their ideas and creativity with the help of artistic techniques. Art is therapy for us. By practicing art, you give yourself time and space to turn off the daily rush, relieve tension and do something completely different. Painting is a great pleasure and brings everyday balance.

The Hope Art academic year has started on September 7. 2020. During this time, we have experimented with different techniques and topics, which makes the exhibition very versatile. Authors of works of art: Adelina Zaporozhets, Nika Mikhailova, Saskia Teder, Robert Feirik, Isabella Tamm, Laura Traks, Emma Kuurme, Maria Jassinover, Kristiina Nikolaenko, Mikhail Vtiurin, Sofi Strikov, Ariana Korobkova, Karina Starikova, Liat Jassinover, Milat Jassinover , Lilian Kuus, Evelin Kuus, Anastasia Merkulova, Arseni Abramov, Erik Metsis, Sofia Levitina, Viktoria Merkulova. Art teachers: Zhanna Toht and Tatjana Pavlova.

Contact: infohopeart@gmail.com.

Read more: https://hopeart.ee.

Gallery name: Rae kultuurikeskus

Address: Aruküla tee 9, Jüri

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 10:00 - 20:00

Open: 07.12.2020 - 31.01.2021