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Exhibition "His Dreams were Nothing Remarkable" by Art Allmägi and Keiu Virro will be open in Hobusepea gallery.

Early this year, Art Allmägi made an inventory of his artwork. Different exhibitions have included numerous sculptures and installations which have no extra function, unlike the artwork produced for public space. Among them are the sculptures exhibited in his personal exhibition “I Had a Dream Last Night” in Hobusepea gallery in 2012. Actually, these sculptures should have been stayed in a storage. Not because of damage by mice nor the battered beds but because of the controversial content of the dreams that Art has described beside the sculptures.
Hence, if there is something under question that perhaps it should not exist, Art’s artistic vision is mainly as follows: it should! If someone says that men with guns in art should be already left behind as history, Art makes six of them (“Paint it Black”) and shows the pieces several times.
The exhibition “I Had a Dream Last Night” included insane descriptions about dreams where several men approach Art with indecent proposals. Alas, these texts have started to remind of the fear of homosexuality, the topic that our government members seriously tend to discuss these days. Now it felt necessary to overview these texts. However, how to stay away from the situation that these won’t become a part of bulk of texts recreating negative approach? What if Art would sincerely rewrite these dreams, would these have the same impact on the spectator? It is not only the question of being, but also of seeming. Classics.
So it happened that Art Allmägi called someone who seemed trustworthy enough and seems to be the opposite of the meaning of his original texts. Journalists (as “social influencers”, thought Art by himself) think and write on these subjects. Art called Keiu Virro asking her to rewrite his texts. While being skeptical about influence, optimistic about Art’s ideas and having not seen the devastation by mice yet, Keiu said “yes”.
Art Allmägi is an installation artist with the degree in sculpture art. In his works he likes to flirt with the elements of pop, kitsch and architecture, using the classical approach towards sculpture in a contemporary way. His narrative method of telling the stories often touches socially and politically delicate subjects.
Keiu Virro is cultural journalist, she has worked in several publications including Müürileht, in Estonian Public Broadcasting, Eesti Päevaleht and contributed to cultural publications Sirp, Vikerkaar, Teater.Muusika.Kino and Looming. She often studies the topics of equality, sexuality and minorities.
Thanks to: Anette Parksepp, Mari-Liis Vind, Alo Allmägi, Taivo Timmusk, Kristi Kongi, Cultural Endowment of Estonia.
The exhibitions in Hobusepea Gallery are supported by Estonian Clutural Endowment, Estonian Ministry of Culture and Liviko Ltd.

Gallery name: Hobusepea gallery

Address: Hobusepea 2, Tallinn

Opening hours: Mon, Wed-Sun 11:00 - 18:00

Open: 04.11.2020 - 23.11.2020