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An exhibition of Hertta clothing design is open at Kuressaare City Hall. You can see the exhibition of clothing and textile artist HERTTA.

HERTTA (Hertta Võido) is a textile artist and clothing designer who recently moved from Tartu to Kuressaare, experimenting with archaic wool fabric, using it in a modern form and color to make clothes.

Hertta was born in Viljandi, where she lived until the end of basic school, after which she came to study the artistic design of Kuressaare Vocational School, which she graduated from in 2008. She continued her studies at Tartu Art College as a textile artist and then acquired the profession of tailor at the Tallinn Industrial Education Center. In parallel with the last two schools, Hertta worked and studied in a Sámi weaving company in Karasjoki and Alta, Norway. Thanks to her employer at the time, Hertta had the opportunity to visit trade fairs and fashion weeks in different countries, gather inspiration and familiarize herself with sustainable solutions for the clothing industry, for which she is very grateful. A year later, the HERTTA brand began to develop from the experience gained.

In the first hall of the Town Hall Gallery, you can get acquainted with the HERTTA work process through large-scale reproductions created by scanning technique, in the second hall of the gallery there is an exhibition of coats, jackets and accessories in fresh color combinations.

“For me, woolen material is a big favorite and I only use fabrics made by myself when making my clothes. Today, of course, I don’t knit them myself anymore, but the fabrics are all made to order and get aged in my own studio after knitting, ”Hertta introduces her exhibition.

Hertta’s previous exhibitions have been all in Estonia, but she has participated in fashion shows in both London and Oxford.

Gallery name: Kuressaare Town Hall gallery

Address: Tallinna tn. 2, Kuressaare 93819, Kuressaare

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 10:00 - 17:00, Sat 10:00 - 15:00

Open: 25.11.2020 - 09.01.2021