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The artist’s black & white prints attempt to bridge the gap between photography and painting via the shared history of still life and the materiality of the photographic medium. The prints are exhibited bare so the paper and texture of the images themselves can be appreciated. In the work Sills has expanded upon a single image by XX c. commercial photographer Paul Outerbridge. While color photography signaled “commercial” and black-and-white signaled “art,” Outerbridge believed that the sharp and vividly hued prints that attracted the public in advertising could be just as appealing in traditional art genres such as portraiture, still life, or studies of the nude. 

The color photographs in this exhibition act as foils as well as points of magnification, training the eye toward the grain of the film and also the hand of the artist. The gestures that can be seen in these prints connect the artist’s photographic work to painting in a more physical way, an agenda the artist continues today in her work.  What the artist hopes for is that her work will renew and simplify appreciation for the materiality of photography and the female form.

Geneva Sills (b. Chicago, 1987) lives and works in Glasgow.  She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2012. Cones & Eggs, first exhibited at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Glasgow in 2016. Her group shows include: SUMMA, The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Scotland (2017); Karla Leyva & Geneva Sills, The Chalton Gallery, London, United Kingdom (2017); Salon Sebastian Monteux, as part of Glasgow International, Glasgow, United Kingdom (2016). More info about the photographer: genevasills.net ; @genevasills


Gallery name: Vilnius Photography Gallery

Address: Stiklių str. 4 / Didžioji str. 19, Vilnius

Open: 16.04.2019 - 18.05.2019