NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The F8 / 10 photo exhibition "SHIFTED" has been opened in the Endla Theater Gallery within the framework of Pärnu Fotofest 2021.

As the current pandemic has proved to be a challenge not only for photography artists but also for many other creative people, it is still natural to look for new ways to express and communicate. Photography as a means of self-expression and communication is a great example of this.

What do we mean by alienation? What is distant from us and what is foreign to us? This is what F8 members have begun to think about. No definite answers are given, rather we are invited to think along how to cope with the situation we have found ourselves in. This is a good time to look at yourself and draw conclusions. Have we become strangers to our fellow human beings, and what about being strangers to ourselves? One of the bases of alienation is selective seeing, selective desire to see. We either focus only on certain details like Aiki Järviste. Haide Rannakivi erases what we don’t want to see and adds Leonora Palu’s poems. In the series “City of the Future”, Marko Toomast deals with the topic of alienation from nature and asks the question in what environment do we want to live in the future? In Andres Adamson’s aesthetic plant photographs, light is glorified as something sublime. Alari Raudoja’s series raises questions that revolve around existential themes – the individual and his freedom, body and soul. Janno Bergmann has gone out of his way to reconstruct the space. Danel Rinaldo is known for his social documentary. “Ecce Homo” – “See a Man” is a central theme of his works and shows that black and white analog photography is not yet dusty on the laboratory shelf.

Gallery name: Endla theater gallery

Address: Keskväljak 1, Pärnu

Opening hours: Opened by appointment, +372 552 2381

Open: 21.01.2021 - 20.02.2021