NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

We live in an uncertain and new age. Artists from different backgrounds and creative methods can come together and provoke innovative associations and important discussions. In the case of three glass artists - Mare Saar, Kazushi Nakada and Kristiina Uslar - one of the common denominators has been glass as a source material. Although all three use it on a daily basis in their work, different materials and tools are involved. In the case of Nakada, this is ceramics and video in this context.

All three are united by asking social, philosophical and political questions, but also in very different ways. Art cannot help people physically or change the world’s systems. However, art can make people think, understand and why not to even act.

In the exhibition “665448” – the age of the authors at the time of the exhibition is coded here – the viewer meets installation, video and glass art, the different place and time of birth of the creators of which create an interesting starting point for raising and solving scorching problems.

Gallery name: Haapsalu Linnagalerii

Address: Posti 3, Haapsalu

Opening hours: Wed-Sun 12:00 - 18:00

Open: 08.07.2021 - 31.07.2021