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Eva Elise Oll will open her seventh solo exhibition “Self-room” at the Fahle Gallery. The exhibition includes a collection of works in which art brut is expressed through the viewer's and the artist's perception of the world on several levels, where the creation of meaning is born in collaboration. There is an absurd sense of humor over the subjects - the benevolent ridicule of urbanization and the art world; an attractive and painful way of thinking for the artist in which thoughts go around organizing the human world, creating schemes and models; and also the meaning of being human, the inevitability of time, and the tragicomicism that lies within it. Olli's works deal with the study of the connections between creativity and insanity, so it is no wonder that the works exhibited in the exhibition speak most acutely on a psychological level.

“Having already gotten into this dangerous path where I try to understand existence, sometimes there is nothing to do but just laugh a little and try to shake people out of their usual perspective, hoping to find like-minded people and understanders. Maybe that’s why I like to dismantle a person’s face in my works to reassemble it – I’m amazed at how, despite the cacophony that has arisen, our perception recreates our face,” Oll comments.
Eva Elise Oll (b. 1988) has studied painting at Tartu Art College, in the spring of 2020 she graduated from the University of Tartu with a bachelor’s degree in art history and is currently pursuing a master’s degree. Eva’s field of research is the psychological overlaps between creativity and mental disorders, and the analysis of the work of artists with mental disorders is the key to whether their pathology is identifiable in their work. She has had six solo exhibitions, in addition to some joint exhibitions and participation in auctions. In addition, Eva is a member of the Tartu Artists ‘Union and a member of the Central Estonian Artists’ Union.
In the evening, the mood will be carried on from 8 pm by the cordial acoustic rock band ².
For more information: daisy@bohemiangalleries.com or phone +372 5908 6125.

Gallery name: Fahle Gallery

Address: Tartu mnt 84a, Tallinn

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 - 17:00

Open: 13.11.2020 - 12.12.2020