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„Doomsday cathedral“ is not an ordinary sight, but an experience of its own – as you enter the room, you are greeted by capital-oriented world, where death and destruction are seen as entertainment. For example, inspired by Bernt Notke’s „Danse Macabre“, the works of Edward von Lõngus form a majestic display of 25 square meters.

„Death reaps wider that ever before, but with more modern tools than a scythe. The modern death is industrialized, mechanized, calculated, turned into factories, numbers and efficiency,“ Lõngus explains on how mankind has become a fine partner of death. „It’s no longer like being reluctantly pulled to the dance floor, it’s a mindless orgy.“ The new masterpiece in the exhibition is Lõngus’ remix based on the frescoes of The Last Judgment as seen in Michelangelo Sistine’s chapel.

The major exhibition takes place in a factory built in 1899, where chemical-technological equipment was produced for nuclear power plants. This symbolizes a phenomenon of putting the growing need for energy and consumption on one scale and life and safety on the other. The timing is relevant as well – the world has gone through a lot this spring and Lõngus’ concept of the end of the world is placed in a new situation, which is painful in every sense. Did the doomsday clock start ticking even faster?

⚠️The tickets to the major exhibition and guided tours can be purchased from Piletilevi.⚠️

The Tallinn Biennial, which will take place for the first time in July 2.-30., is a major summer art event, where many different events introducing the works of Estonian and neighboring artists will take place in Tallinn and its vicinity.

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Biennial is organized by Nordic Baltic Art Center NOBA MTÜ. Many thanks to our sponsors: NOAR, Solaris ja Ülemiste City and supporters: Tallinn Culture Agency and Tallinn City Center Government

Gallery name: Tallinn Biennial

Address: Sepapaja 10 , Tallinn

Open: 02.07.2020 - 12.07.2020