NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Copper leg Vaskjala Creative Residency is situated 18 km from the centre of Tallinn in the village of Vaskjala in an old school building surrounded by fields. It is a popular meeting place for creative people, visual artists, musicians and writers. It’s a location of natural beauty, which allows one to escape the noise of the city and focus on one’s work. Tallinn Biennial’s day at Vaskjala is filled with incredible experiences and memorable performances.

A special Tallinn Biennial bus will be available for 5 euros! The bus leaves in front of the Estonian National Library at 13:00 and comes back from Vaskjala on the same day at 18:40.

Buy bus ticket here: https://www.piletilevi.ee/est/piletid/varia/ekskursioonid/copperleg-residentuur-chill–grill-tallinna-biennaal-316283/

Arrival at Vaskjala Creative Residency at 1.20pm

1.30–2.30pm Vinyl records played by Misha Panfilov (jazz & tropicalia), an art tour, grill & chill
2.30pm opening of Raul Keller’s photography exhibition and electronic free-improvisation
3.30pm Indrek Palu “Algorithmic Games” (electric violin, electronics)
4pm Circus – Art – Theatre “GIRAFFE WITH THE FLAMING NECK” with the performance “THE CIRCUS IS CANCELLED”
4.30pm Vinyl records played by J. B. King (Kraut – Space – Psych Rock) & communal sauna

WHERE: Vaskjala Creative Residency, Vaskjala village, Rae county
WHEN: 4 July at 1.30pm

Visiting the residency is free.

Gallery name: Copper Leg Residency

Address: Ussiaugu tee 20, Vaskjala village, Rae county

Open: 04.07.2020 - 04.07.2020