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Ivo Lill (24.06.1953 - 4.08.2019) was one of the best-known and most unique Estonian glass artists.

He graduated from the Estonian National Institute of Art in 1985 with a degree in glass art and worked as a freelance artist all his life. From the very beginning, Ivo Lille’s work was closely related to cold processing techniques, which were novel in the local glass art of that time, but the only opportunity for the artist to create large-scale glass objects. All of Lille’s work is characterized by a deep knowledge of techniques, tirelessly working and experimenting with his chosen material – sheet glass, and its perfect control. Form games composed to delicacy, geometry, optical effects, opening the inner world of glass, deconstruction are just a few of the keywords to characterize Lille’s extensive creative heritage.

Ivo Lill is a laureate of several prestigious local and international art awards. In 2013, he was elected an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

In addition to the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, his works are in the Corning Glass Museum (USA), the Frauenau Glass Museum (Germany), the Deutsches Museum (Munich), the Ebeldoft Glass Museum (Denmark) and several other collections.
The exhibition is based on the museum’s own collection and the artist’s family’s extensive collection and archive materials.

The exhibition features almost 200 works, which is the largest overview of Ivo Lille’s work.

Gallery name: Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

Address: Lai 17, Tallinn

Opening hours: Wed-Sun 11:00 - 18:00

Open: 20.02.2021 - 26.09.2021