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The Narva Museum Art Gallery opens Boris Uvarov's (1946–2020) personal exhibition “Observation of the White Line”, which introduces the works of one of the well-known leading painters of Narva and Ida-Virumaa from the collections of the Narva Museum, the Estonian Art Museum and the artist's family. The exhibition dedicated to Uvarov's 75th birthday brings together Uvarov's paintings, drawings and textile samples, as well as photographic materials dedicated to his work.

Since 1980, Uvarov has played an important role in the art life of Narva. Its impact on the creative development of many Narva painters is difficult to overestimate. Uvarov’s bold and expressive paintings have always found a lively reception in exhibitions. 1992-2007 Uvarov taught at the Narva Art School, generously sharing the secrets of painting. As a participant in international exhibitions and exhibitions at the national, regional or city level, and as a member of the Estonian Painters’ Union and other creative associations, Uvarov participated with dignity not only in the art life of Narva, but also in the republic.

The subject matter of Uvarov’s paintings has always resonated with its time, touching on the most topical issues of today. As a curious person by nature, Uvarov was inspired by his interlocutor (portrait) and landscape motif, the dialogue of object forms and colors (still life) as well as the glowing image of the decorative composition. Therefore, each visitor of the exhibition finds something interesting for himself: a selection of works is exhibited, from “magical realism” to free compositions, distinguished by the mastery and personality of the performance.

The curator of the exhibition is Karin Taidre.

Gallery name: Narva Museum

Address: Vestervalli 21, Narva

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00 - 18:00

Open: 18.06.2021 - 19.09.2021