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Exhibition “New Anti-Painting” is the attempt to bring the aesthetics of a new work of art to the point of view in the form of reused found objects.

Benjamin uses various installation, painting and sculptural techniques in the creative process he has created, giving the finished work its unique look, ignoring the unsuitability of abandoned objects. The artist’s creative process is based on the anti-aesthetic concept of Joan Miro’s well-known painting series “Painting and Anti-Painting” (1927-1937), where the combination of mixed techniques dominates the compositional whole. The installations and assemblies in this exhibition are made of discarded objects, to which the artist gave new life and meaning. Experimental techniques are found both in color and in the surface treatment of found objects. A parallel can be drawn from the metamorphosis of the process of the completion of the work – objects with repulsive anti-aesthetic value oppose new visual meaning as if it were aesthetically decorative works of art. Garbage created by consumer society, which adorns the exhibition in the form of impulsive and restrained compositions, reminds us that we have a completely new opportunity for life. The author’s position on non-traditional art aesthetics presupposes that the beauty of a materialized work must be found, not imagined.

Benjamin Phillips Nozdrachev (b. 1982, Sydney, Australia) is a multidisciplinary artist currently residing in Finland and working at the Haihatu Art Center in Joutsa. He has performed with exhibitions in Australia, Germany, Finland and now for the first time in Estonia.

NB! There is an obligation to wear a protective mask in the exhibition hall!

Gallery name: Pärnu Linnagalerii

Address: Uus tn 4, Pärnu

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 11:00 - 17:00, Sat 11:00 - 14:00

Open: 26.02.2021 - 08.05.2021