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At the end of March, the Estonian Association of Textile Artists traditionally awarded annual prizes, and until the end of June, the exhibition of the Textile Artist of the Year 2020 nominees is open at ARS Kunstilinn.

FIVE is a sign of the five nominees, but it also includes the way of life, the way something is done or how something happens, the nature, way, method, technique of an activity or event. Elna Kaasik, Aet Ollisaar, artist duo Kadi Pajupuu / Marilyn Piirsalu, Ülle Saatmäe and Erika Tammpere were nominated for the Textile Artist of the Year award, Ülle Saatmäe was awarded the Textile Artist of the Year 2020.

Gallery name: ARS Art Factory

Address: Pärnu mnt 154, Tallinn

Open: 12.05.2021 - 30.06.2021