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Once upon a time, on a distant planet, there were once icebergs. One hot sunny day, the icebergs began to crack and melt. The five icebergs saw the changes as an opportunity for adventure. They separated from the other humps living in the Arctic Ocean and headed for the three seas and shores in search of happiness.

Halfway through, however, the lumps of ice began to crack. One of them was startled and returned. The four chunks went on fearlessly and melted. But it turned out that nothing terrible happened. They became part of the sea and this gave them new abilities. They set out to explore the expanses of the sea, diving to the bottom of the sea and foaming in waves on the shores of the sea. But all this tired them, and they rested calmly in the sun.

Awakened, they discovered in fright that they were floating in the air and rising above the sea as steam. One of the icebergs did not dare to rise into the air and remained at sea. Three lumps rose into the sky and became a cloud. It turned out that being in the cloud is not so scary at all. The wind flew them here and there. They flew over mountains, desert and forests. But before they could get tired of being a cloud, there was a roaring roar. The cloud began to tremble and became denser. The lightning flashed. The lumps hidden in the cloud were startled and flickered even faster. One of the ice clumps did not dare to let go of the cloud and squeezed the cloud so that the two clumps turned to rain and rained down from the sky at an insane speed. They were followed by an orchestra and a flash of lightning. They collapsed at breakneck speed until they collided with something big and unknown. Everything around was filled with silence and darkness.

At the same time, the situation on the Arctic Ocean was getting hotter because the leftover icebergs had quarreled with each other. Some of them looked for causes of trouble in the seagulls flying past them and in the waves that reached them from three lands and seas. They maliciously intimidated others with rafts and tsunamis. Although gulls prefer to come to landfills. And tsunamis do not occur by themselves, but due to earthquakes deep in the seabed. So deep that no lump of ice will look at it, because from sitting still and hiding their cracks, all their places have been full of water for a long time. As the ice clumps that fell from the cloud recovered, they found themselves hovering above the ground between the trees. They had turned into a fog. One of the icebergs didn’t want to be in the fog and evaporated back into a cloud. The last remaining lump floated in the fog in the dim forest. He hugged the tree trunks and moistened the moss until he got into the sunny plain and fell to the ground in drops. The earth swallowed a lump of drops, silence and peace reigned in his dark stomach. The chunk slowly sank deeper and deeper into the silence. Suddenly the earth began to tremble. A rapid stream grabbed him and dragged him along. He was surrounded by a humming and deafening sound. The current twisted and twisted the lump, pushing it up and down, right and left, emitting it from the mocking darkness into the blinding light. Now a raging river had reached the surface. After flowing for a long time, the flow of the river slowed down – it had reached the mouth of the sea. In the sea, he noticed the leftover lump, but the lump did not recognize him. Then he saw a cloud of ice floating in the sky and a mist that considered himself a cloud, still holding on together and squeezing tears out of the cloud. Nor did they make out of him. He realized that even the icebergs left in the Arctic Ocean would no longer recognize him. They don’t know that they are all sea as clouds, rain and fog, rivers and lakes, and fairy tale characters, of course. At the end of the story that was ahead and who listened – lives inside your story! If you want to continue the adventure, select: “GO TO THE EXHIBITION!”. The “Story of Color” is an exhibition of a color that does not stand still. In search of new possibilities for self-expression for a painting that fits within itself, color changes form and touches the limits of its abilities. The fairy tale ends and the adventure continues.

August Sai

The exhibitions in Hobusepea Gallery are supported by the Estonian Cultural Endowment, the Estonian Ministry of Culture and Liviko AS.

Gallery name: Hobusepea gallery

Address: Hobusepea 2, Tallinn

Opening hours: Mon, Wed-Sun 11:00 - 18:00

Open: 14.10.2020 - 28.10.2020