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In August, the windows of A–gallery host the exhibitions of Georg Arnold, Claudia Lepik, Maarja Niinemägi and Katrin Kosenkranius, taking experiments with material as the starting point. The exhibitions are on view between 6 and 29 August 2020. Join the opening on Wednesday, 5 August 5–7 pm. Keep an eye on the homepage of A-gallery for the continuation of the artist talk series!


Georg Arnold

On the show is an EP (Extended Play). Each disc has one track, which are interpretations of ornament based on the Archimedean spiral. The motive comes from the vinyl records. Tools used were a plasma cutter and a lathe, the material is steel. Made in the autumn of 2019 in the workshop of Estonian Academy of Arts while being an artist in residence.

Georg Arnold (1994) received his BA of Blacksmithing from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2019 and continued there as an artist in residence. Took part in a “Metal Art Program” in Sweden at HDK-Valand Steneby in the spring of 2020. From experimenting with technologies he is now choosing to work more with gas and plasma cutting. Some of his works are in the collection of Estonian Academy of Arts. This is his first exhibition after graduation. Out of the context the artist is inspired by the wine, music and collecting.



Claudia Lepik

I spent a month in 2019 in residence in New York city. Bright lights, fascinating locales and long walks offered respite and inspiration. Invigorated by my surroundings I found new passion for work and in particular for material. So came together a new body of work of face and nose jewelry composed around layered structures and colours. The three pieces on display are a fragment from my show “About Face” which took place the same year at the New York Jewelry Week.

Claudia Lepik is a jewellery artist. She obtained her jewellery BA degree at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2018 and was the recipient of the EAA Young Applied Artist Prize the same year. After graduating, Claudia has participated in multiple group exhibitions in Estonia and Greece. Her first solo exhibition took place last Autumn during NYC Jewelry Week.



Maarja Niinemägi

Each piece of jewellery brings together meanings, and as wearers of jewellery, we belong to the world of various unique ideas, where color also plays a special role. By using color in the material, saturated or accented, the jewellery becomes an abstract combination of color and form. Titanium as a material provides many possibilities for this. The jewellery is very light and the reflection of colors from the metal surface is clear and transparent. Laser cut forms are completed by handmade finish, so each piece of jewellery can be a little different. The exhibition features airy, three-dimensional earrings. The technologies used are laser cutting, spot welding, anodizing.

Maarja Niinemägi has participated in exhibitions in Estonia, Europe, China, America and Australia. Maarja Niinemägi graduated Estonian Academy of Arts, specializing on jewellery art (BA 2004, MA 2008). She has been an exchange student at the Trier University of Applied Sciences in Idar-Oberstein in Germany, developing skills in gemstone engraving and design. Her works have been purchased for the collection of the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, the Alice and Louis Koch Collection in the Swiss National Museum, private collections (Kadri Mälk EST, Susan Cummins USA, Lars Phalmann FIN). She belongs to the Estonian Artists ‘Union and to the Estonian Designers’ Union. Maarja Niinemägi currently lives in Tartu and works in the jewelry art studio Cirrus.



Katrin Kosenkranius

A fairy tale says… to find it, you need to wear out three pairs of iron shoes and eat three loaves of stone bread, and then there is only the nine-headed Wyvern left, whose masks fall when you surrender to it… only after that the answer arrives…

Katrin Kosenkranius has studied art at the Academia Non Grata and jewellery art at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She has also spiced up her taste in jewellery with internships in Italy and Sweden. Katrin has participated in exhibitions to greater and lesser extent both here and there. In 2012 she was honoured with Roman Tavast Scholarship.



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