NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

As a thematic follow-up to the Ceramics Association's annual exhibitions "80 Cups" (in 2013 at the Amandus Adamson Studio Museum in Paldiski) and "100 Plates" (in 2018 in the Harju County Library Gallery), "50 jugs" will be available at the ARS Applied Art Gallery this autumn.

Among the jugs made by almost 50 members of the union are both thoughtfully practical consumer items and more playful sculptural ones. Both those that hold water, tea or coffee as classics, as well as containers that are more open in form, but still perform their original function. Each of them has a place in the accompanying story – it is an author’s pitcher or perhaps an artist’s opportunity to tear himself out of routine and usual practice. The exhibition includes an entry created for this exhibition and those made several decades ago.

Participants: Ann Nurga, Karin Kalman, Jarõna Ilo, Sander Raudsepp, Kersti Karu, Pirjo Courier Cup, Oksana Teder, Marget Tafel-Vahtra, Triinu Maide-Safin, Kärt Seppel, Eve Hint, Georg Bogatkin, Tiina Kaljuste, Aigi Orav, Aino Saan , Kersti Laanmaa, Jana Zgun, Anne Türn, Mart Vaarpuu, Külli Kõiv, Maarika Saareleht, Ene Tapfer, Pille Kaleviste, Anu Roosmaa, Merike Hallik, Anne Pärtna, Kadri Jäätma, Anne Keek, Liisu Arro, Maarja Street, Kattri Taklaja, Reeli Haamer, Triin Lehismets, Haidi Ratas, Rita Randmaa, Rave Puhm, Helle Videvik, Liis Selder, Mare Vichmann, Eva Berg.

Gallery name: ARS Art Factory

Address: Pärnu mnt 154, Tallinn

Open: 02.10.2020 - 02.11.2020