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A Baton from Kütiorg to Kadriorg. The Force (Vägi). The Spirit (Vaim). The Power (Võim).The first stop, "The Force", is at Vana-Võromaa Museum and Art Gallery. Curators: Jana Huul, Marje Taska and Reet Varblane; coordinator: Stella Mõttus; designer: Villu Plink. Artists: Anna Hints, Peeter Laurits, Ivo Lill, Elo Liiv, Raul Meel, Len Murusalu, Terje Ojaver, Villu Plink and Silja Saarepuu, Uku Sepsivart and Sanne Sihm (Sweden).

The introduction to the exhibiton “The Force” is a visualisation of the concept by the curators Jana Huul, Marje Taska and Reet Varblane: a meaningfully charged silver object with a text “Sanctus Praesens” and the consecration ritual of a baton recorded at a Kütiorg sacral site Tammetsõõr in an early morning under a young moon. The evolution of science and technology has not only benefitted the creation of the welfare state, but together with an uncaring attitude it has also brought about the ecological crisis. Primeval nature and ancestral wisdom remind us of the source of the force.

Peeter Laurits sees the force as greater than humans, from the perspective of infinity and eternity (“Gordian Knot”). Ivo Lill’s tinted glass object “Refraction” symbolises light and its force. Anna Hint’s sound installation “Talks with Dead Grandmother. Dream nr 26122020” and the enormous faces of the Swedish artist Sanne Sihm speak of ancestral force. These connect with Terje Ojaver’s sculpture “The One-Legged Ploughwoman”, which embodies the force of an old woman’s toughness. Uku Sepsivart and Elo Liiv meditate on the meaning of human traces in the world: Sepsivart with a dose of self irony and humour, while Liiv treats it as humanity’s loss of force and the rebellion of nature. Len Murusalu (“Looking for the Golden Age”) interprets the force in a more distant manner, as a horizon-gazer who assesses the present moment – sanctus praesens. Villu Plink’s and Silja Saarepuu’s video diptych (“Lady’s Portrait” and “Gentleman’s Portrait”) is an example of the force of nearly indiscernible, seemingly trivial matters. The final chord of the exhibition is Raul Meel’s “Love Spells”, which manifest the force of love.

The opening event will be recorded by Radio Night University: Peeter Laurits and Margus Ott discuss the force.

The second stop, “The Spirit”, is scheduled for next spring at the University of Tartu Museum and the third stop, “The Power”, for 2023 in Kadriorg Park, Tallinn. The artists of “The Force” will pass on the baton to the artists of “The Spirit” and they, in turn, to the artists of “The Power”. The aim of the exhibition trilogy is to unite power and force with the help of spirit and to find the force in the cradle of power.

Thanks to: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Kumu, Guesthouse Taevas, Irene Lill, Ilmar Taska, Indrek Vainu, Tanel Asmer, Indrek Kits, Lauri Kütt, Ago Paabusk, Tiina Mõttus, Andri Ksenofontov, Mirjam McFatrick-Ksenofontov, Toomas Übner.

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