NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The Touch. Echoes of Silence, 2018

90 x 68 cm

NB! Artwork consists of four pieces each 90×68

Artist’s comment on the artwork: “The project The Touch. Echoes of Silence – a synthesis of tapestry, music and light – is inspired by works of Čiurlionis. Traditional tapestry weaving, alongside with modern technologies allows maximally accurately express my thoughts, feelings, and perception of the world. Tapestry is combined with light, as light is the basic requirement for me to exist. Then darkness is perceived as silence. But as there is no absolute darkness, there is no absolute silence. Colours are born in light, and sound is born in silence. The music created by the composer Mikhail Skalsky interprets the woven tapestry and creates a complete integral artwork of tapestry, light and music.”