NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The Sweater was There, 2022


Oil, charcoal on canvas

Painting “The Sweater was There” is a reminiscence to a childhood sweater. Growing up in Lithuanian family after the collapse of Soviet Union meant that more things from the west reached us. Although we had more access to western culture still, Mickey Mouse sweater was unseen at that time. I just remember the feeling of putting it on for special occasions and feeling unique. I tried to restore the sweater from the memory: its bright pink colour, many different Mickeys on it. But I am not sure how it did look, as none of the couple childhood photos I have captured me wearing it. So that’s why Mickey Mouses are washed out, the paint is running down, like my memories, receding away with the joy the sweater once brought me. The sweater was there, but I am not in/with it anymore.

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