NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The memorial board for the first elevator in Klaipėda, 2018

45 x 65 cm

Working together with competitive historians and architects on various historical sources a statement was made – first elevator in Klaipėda actually is the first elevator in Lithuania. But through historical misunderstandings, backgrounds and various political discourses Lithuania has announced its first elevator in Lithuania to be in city of Kaunas. It is important to make this memorial board as it holds historical information not only about Klaipėda but Lithuania and whole Baltic region in general.

The model is interactive and made by using modern technologies. There is a LED installation inside the model and a built-in sound system which is activated through the buttons. There are seven buttons which symbolize seven floors of the building where the elevator was installed. The sentence “The first elevator in Klaipėda was built in this building in 1923” is said in 7 different languages. The languages were chosen according to the most popular tourist flows in Klaipėda. Native speakers were chosen to make the recording in their mother tongues to make this fact even more appealing.