NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The Harvest, 2021

30 x 20 cm

Woman’s hair. The deep personal relationship between women and their hair is evident in history, philosophy, myths and religion. Nõmm has researched old wedding traditions, many of which involve hair. The most important event of weddings used to be the donning of the headdress, which signified a woman’s transition from one social status to another. The headdress, to be worn as a married woman, signified a obedience and loss of freedom. Also widespread was the tradition of cutting the bride’s hair short – as hair was believed to hold the power of a woman, the motivation of this gesture is obvious. The above mentioned rites can now be regarded solely as violating women’s rights but the fetishisation of body hair is still relevant and based on gender-based paradigm. To this day, hair on a woman’s body is reglemented and stigmatised. Everything associated with it has been turned into an open discussion with the whole world, with the illusion that anyone can have a say.

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Embraced by Sarah Nõmm
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