NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The Glances of Things, 2019

144 x 2600 cm

The emphasis of this work is to try to analyse and embody the role of photography through a subjective body of work. It is through photography that she start to comprehend better what lies before her, but also why some places and moments are somehow more relevant for her to capture than the others. She considers it a constant process and feedback both toher and the world she is living in. As a photographer she sees the world in a very fragmented way. There is no narrative or one unified system to begin with, only items, moments, light and colors. All she has is a wandering look and a certain feeling hard for her to describe. Only thing that remains with her are the photos that she is taking. Every moment, thus photo, has equal importance to her because of it. The usage of vertical photo helps her to go deeper into the experience of the depicted thing, while each previous and subsequent image blocks the flow in seeing them as whole. To try to understand what is depicted and why, we might need to shift our focus point and ask instead, what can be read out of visual alone? May it be whatever kind of theme, actual or abstract, shadows or light, even comical elements perhaps – it is important the way the photographs are combined. It can narrow our sight, yet open up its experiential meaning to create a type of rhythm. Chaotically and fragmentarily they exist as they do in real life. After all I’m left to wonder, if its “multiplicity of seeing” is what has kept us going all along?