NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The Breath of The City, 2017

1 x 1 cm

The mezzotint series “The Breath of The City” includes ten works.

Dimensions variable

The aim of the work is to force the viewer to see the fine details in the fragment and to visualize the common objects in ones thoughts, to get acquainted with their “story”. At the first glance it may seem that this is just a blotch or the brush stroke, but in a detailed glance a completely different world appears.
Cities have things and objects that are forgotten, but they still exist in our environment. These are abandoned buildings and things that are no longer touched by the human hand, but a passage of the time. They have their own aura, history, life, stories, which has been changed and influenced by the time. The most beautiful thing in these objects is the time-consuming result. The viewer gets not only aesthetic pleasure, but also focuses on the hidden message of the masterpiece.

Works from the series:


Ilona Jepifanova. Waiting. 2017. 36×24 cm. Mezzotint, paper, copper plate, ink


The Time. 2017. 36×24 cm. Mezzotint, paper, copper plate, ink


While Going Away. 2017. 36×24 cm. Mezzotint, paper, copper plate, ink

jepifanova 4

The Wall. 2017. 24×36 cm. Mezzotint, paper, copper plate, ink

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The Time by Ilona Jepifanova
The Time  
36 x 24 cm
The Wall by Ilona Jepifanova
The Wall  
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Waiting by Ilona Jepifanova
36 x 24 cm
While Going Away by Ilona Jepifanova
While Going Away  
36 x 24 cm