NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

My castle, 2022


Gathered wood, scrap metal, nails and screws

¨My castle¨ loosely ties around themes of personal space, growing up and growing into the surrounding. I wanted my artworks to feel at home and comfortable in the exhibition space which lacks a distinct personality. Or actually owns a personality which is seemingly disconnected from the trees that grow outside and from the people constructed it. Full text: I want to talk about a box. The kind of box that has no taste, colour, or smell. The walls of the space are high and sturdy. Inside, even tiny objects fill the surrounding space with clues and meanings. The space gives the impression of being disconnected from the trees that grow outside and from the people who constructed it. It feels like the box has a will of its own. And it is according to the box’s will to exist outside of time and space. Space will always return to nothingness, and so it can become almost anything at the right moment and time. I’m in a hot room. I can feel the dense air dripping down my body. I don’t recognise the drops of sweat as my own. I touch my hand. I can feel the touch, but even that feels unfamiliar to me. I’m not concerned, but I am surprised. Some of my close friends are sitting next to me. I can no longer recognise my friends’ faces, which look as pale as a fleeting sensation. The sauna stove keeps puffing lightly, urging us to ease in. I stay put for a while, listening to the will of the space, and then make my way outside to feel the air. I open the door and come into a space where imagination is the only thing concealed within the white walls. Time is dragging slowly. There’s no birdsong, no sounds of construction, no furniture, no waiting, nothing that would feel familiar. Quite simply, there’s nothing normal to draw my concentration on. I think about what this experience would be like if I had just been born. I wouldn’t compare this to any prior experience or impression. There would only be a singular moment, experienced for the first time, that could develop in to any possible direction.

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