NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Lecture for Teddy Bears about the dangers of Patriarchy, 2019

250 x 300 cm

Recycled teddy bears, fake fur, sound, motion sensor light Lecture for Teddy Bears about the dangers of Patriarchy (2019) consists of over 300 old teddy bears. The innocent teddy bears have gathered in a dark room to hear the lecture of an enormous gigant bear, made of handsewn fake fur. The topic of the lecture is the dismantling of the prevailing power structures. Is the mass teddy bears in the gallery thrown into revolution? Two soundtracks are being played in the space, other one consists of ambient sounds and the other one of human speech mixed as a garbled indistinguishable mess. The giant teddy bear can be entered from behind – a motion sensor lights up the inside with an eerie green glow and the viewer can join a circle of the Teddy Bear Congress.