NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Kinesphere: material and empathy, 2019

215 x 400 cm

canvas, rabbit skin glue, emulsion primer, artist’s body; wood and metal as support

In “Kinesphere: Material and Empathy” the dancing body meets traditional painting materials. It is a spatial installation that centers around 10 pairs of hands and 10 pairs of feet, that have been handmade from linen canvas and and worn during the process of sizing and priming. Within the reach space of the body the single elements form relationships and associations. How to be together with a material? How does the material capture physical presence and communicate it further? The piece can be seen as painting without a painting, dance without dancing, corporality without the presence of the body. It is a study of material, not only non-living material, but of my own living substance. It is also, despite their fragility, an insight to meetings and ways of being together. (I do not wish to sell the work at the present moment)