NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Installation: Blankets, 2023

pastels on paper

In the cycle, I depict blankets and their fragments. Although my choice of depicted objects is personal, the idea is general: it relates to an environment that encloses us. These objects radiate some sense of togetherness. To me, blankets are a sort of sacred objects that protect and hide us in a state of subconscious sleep. Each blanket carries its own personal story. In the cycle of drawings, I fragment, compose, and repeat various motifs of their designs. Blankets usually are persistent as they are passed down through generations and are kept in the wardrobes at homes or farmhouses for long periods of time. In my works, I choose to follow a horizontal narrative, without a climax. It’s a type of a silent history. I try to look at them as something more than a mundane necessity – something close, as my friends, whose existence tells a story of more universal unity, a bonding symbol, perhaps a shared history. The installation was displayed in exhibition (hi)stories. Young / New Graphic Art. Part of VAA Graduation Show and Culture Night 2023 (Vilnius Graphic Art Centre’s Kairė-dešinė gallery).

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Blue Blanket by Marija Gabrielė Karputė
Blue Blanket  
78 x 106 cm
Red Blanket by Marija Gabrielė Karputė
Red Blanket  
78 x 106 cm