NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform
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Glass skateboarding, 2017

45 x 220 cm

Glass, metal, skateboard.

The aim of the work is to carry out two objects – skateboard trick elements made out of glass. With this glass work author wants to connect two creative worlds – art and skateboarding. He is exploring techniques, promoting the strength of material in harmony of the skateboard trick performance.

Author chose glass as the material for creating visually enjoyable elements. For the viewers it is an intense image, when skateboarders ride through the glass. Skateboarding is alive and elusive, like glass, only in a different form. In both forms it remarks opposing force interaction, which can be seen quite clearly in a proficient and easy perceived by observer from the side. The selected triangular pyramid shape occurred in the early days of skateboarding, in 1947, when surfers went into cities and looked for ways to conquer the “urban waves”. They are portrayed as geometric waves and glass is the best material for this purpose. Water waves are translucent and rayed light vibrates throughout them, with glass it possible to capture this miraculous moment.