NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Excitement, 2021


Pen, paper.

Here I started drawing, untypically to myself, from the left side of the picture. From the bottom left a spark makes its way from an empty box and then becomes a banknote that has a smiling emoticon on it. Further on the spark turns into a rubber ladder that fades into the right upper corner of the picture. Maybe it is a stairway to heaven. The same kind of stairway to heaven lies in the lower right part of the picture. Behind the stairways there is a human face with a self-contained look. In addition, a round earth is depicted here, in addition to which I have drawn a house, a Christmas-tree and the Sun as a slice of orange or lemon. I have also used rhombi in this picture, also pillows and streaks. I named the picture “Excitement” just because I was (untypically to myself again) in quite a good mood while making it and I dare to expose it just because some people have even praised it.

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