NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Delve In, 2019

1000 x 1000 cm

monoprint on japanese paper, plaster, tempera In order for something to find its place, it must be given time. If you stop by something, it may reveal new and surprising aspects of itself. For example, when repeating a cut line on paper, the trace I make bends the paper only by the amount of my will, and the rest of the work is done by the paper itself. Therefore, the way I work could be described as a collaboration between the will of the materials and my own. Everything revolves around touch – the fact that you can physically be in contact with the materials you use, and in this way become grounded to a certain place and time. Colour, on the other hand, is like fuel to me which intensifies the hunger to create. From the materials created in the working process I build this installation. It’s parts are situated in the space like abstract traces on a sheet of paper, offering the viewer possibilities for pondering and immersion. The materials used in the installation vary from thin, airy japanese paper to solid plaster but they also resemble each other.