NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

„Contemporary sexuality” 1, 2019

74 x 172 cm
This work has been sold

Drypoint – paper, print

The series of 6 graphic prints. The goal of the work: to show the sexuality of transgender and intersexual people in the same way that it was shown in ancient times; the cult of the beautiful body, but with the modern ideas of body positive and sexual freedom (emancipation).

The photo is an sample, we do not guarantee a specific edition number unless otherwise is stated in the description.

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„Contemporary sexuality” 2 by Aiden Redmein
„Contemporary sexuality” 2  
74 x 172 cm
„Contemporary sexuality” 3 by Aiden Redmein
„Contemporary sexuality” 3  
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„Contemporary sexuality” 4 by Aiden Redmein
„Contemporary sexuality” 4  
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„Contemporary sexuality” 6 by Aiden Redmein
„Contemporary sexuality” 6  
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