NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Artificial spring, 2018

75 x 75 cm

The artwork does not have fixed measurements (consists of various elements)

„Artificial spring“ is a kinetic sound installation that produces a mechanical soundscape of futuristic forest. Sound installation is controlled by Arduino and consists of a set of small DC motors and vibration motors that are attached to various objects: tin tableware, radio antennas, coffee cups, cardboard tubes, blocks of polystene foam and metal, plastic-wrapped tray etc. When motors work, the objects produce a variety of mechanical sounds. Each motor is programmed to run at its own rhythm, imitating the sounds that in real forests are produced by birds and insects (for example corncrake, woospecker, owl, bee, cricket, blackbird, cuckoo). It produces a technical soundscape that resembles the rhythms and sounds of a spring forest.