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Architectural Improvisation, 2018


Acrylic paint on canvas The artist´s comment on the artwork: “All five works in the series “Architectural Improvisation” are a part of my graduation project. They are made to be able to stand on their own and also to compliment each other by creating a panoramic feeling.” Architectural Improvisation 1 Architectural Improvisation 2 Urban motifs combined with individual interpretation and the vision of a present/future city. The character of the buildings structure elements and their surroundings is expressed with the line and plane relationship in the painting surface. Architectural Improvisation 3 In my creative practice I am curious and passionate about the perception of space and selection of elements. I deconstruct. Then arrange differently in new ways. Architectural Improvisation 4 The subject of my artworks is usually the city. I am exploring urban characteristics present in my hometown, my travel destinations (both rural and metropolitan), places that have been visited and documented by other individuals and their reflections in the human mind. Current technology allows me to shift my view into different perspectives, to see things from various angles. Architectural Improvisation 5 Structures, spaces, buildings, their surroundings, interiors and details are, in my works, inseparable from hints of a human presence, traces of their existence, their activities, their thinking and their feelings.

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