NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Answer: The Fountain, 2016


Mixed media

In her installation the artist created drawings as a fountain circulating her passions and then stuck them to the wall, ripped off in the places she wanted, created her own path and view, then drew something again, stuck on top or ripped some parts of that. Drawings in this installation tell stories about the history of fountains; golden ancient fountains get mixed up with kitsch and colorful singing ones from our time. Also it tells the legend about the fountain of youth:  Instead of longing for eternal youth the artist suggests the viewers to look in a mirror and fall in love with themselves like the cursed Narcissus did.

The artist comments: “Afterwards I offer a dance in a fountain as the most illogical action of all, when human body interrupts constant circulation of the fountain water, that is when the passion is truly born. In the end I build my own fountain as a monument for passion. With a man who has been kissed all over his body as a symbol of the highest passion of all when you want to dedicate your life to someone special.”

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The Fountain