NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

After A Photograph #11, 2015


Mixed media, framed digital print

The artist´s comment to the artwork:
“Mid-XIX century: a note «After A Photograph» sometimes appears in the captions depicting engravings as published in newspapers, manuals or magazines. Halftone printing methods will later be used to combine images with texts within a page; but before that, photographs first have to be sent to the engraver so to be published. Such specification as «After A Photograph» indicates the original technique of the illustration. Studies on those pictures all point the same paradox out. Since those early years, photography would become an essential means for the press seeking information.

Regarding to its very technical process, photography would produce representations of an undeniable reality, authentic sources, first-hand documents upsetting the conception of information. However, the indispensable work of the engraver produces an image which appearances are due to engraving, and the examination of iconographic documents lacking in accuracy is not always likely to enable the determination their nature. So how does this photographic essence express?*

My work “After A Photograph” particularly refers to technical manuals and Récréations Photographiques of the time. The series replays the same themes and iconography, gleaning photographs on the internet, social media and visual platforms, using ads, tutos, plug-ins and Photoshop. After A Photograph looks at current practices of photography and questions the nature of digital images.”

*free translation from the French D´Après Photographie, Thierry Gervais – Etudes Photographiques, 2003


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