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Tiiu Leis

Tiiu Leis (b. 1967) is an art teacher and freelance critic who lives and works in Tallinn, Pärnu, Estonia and Pori, Finland. She graduated from Tallinn University with a degree in art education at JT (1994), worked as a teacher at Pärnu Art School in 2013-2020, including children with special needs, in a 2016-2019 took part of Erasmus+ ProArt (Promoting Art) courses with children in Latvia, Slovakkia, Poland and web design course in Luxembourg. 2017-2018 animation camp organizer, 2013-2020 Kihnu painting camp organizer. From 1995 to 1997, she worked as the director of the library at the Pärnu Chaplin Art Center, organizing exhibitions, poetry, literature and film evenings. Together with Al Paldrok, Leis was the organizer of the Do-Re-Vi (documentary, commercial and video) film festival in Estonia at the Mai Cultural Center in Pärnu and works as an art critic mainly for the cultural editor and postman of Pärnu Postimees. She has had his own art studio in Pärnu since 2020, where art courses for adults take place. Tiiu Leis is a 2016 teacher in Pärnu and a 2016 youth worker nominee in the republic, having won the 2017 cultural award “Rao Heidmets Animamaailm” exhibition in Pärnu Museum.


Seal dance  
Estonian forest  
With a inner glow  
Every man is an island  
Baudelaire flowers