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Ritums Ivanovs

Ritums Ivanovs (1968) is a Latvian painter who uses precise and hyperrealist depictions of reality and bright polychromatism typical of Op Art. Working in his unique linear technique, he paints portraits and nudes on exceptionally  large-scale canvasses (up to 145 x 250 cm). Mr. Ivanovs most often uses a photo as a basis, yet sketches and paints his works completely freehand. The main subjects of Ritums Ivanovs’ works involve human emotional moods, in both dramatic and subtle styles. His images contain real people from his life (solo show “Girl”), photographic images from printed material – from art history books (solo show “Heroes”) or from show business advertisements (portraits of the “Depeche Mode” musicians), and even from erotic magazines (solo show “Erotic film”). 

The artist’s first solo exhibition, “To Be and to Look” took place at the Riga Gallery in 1999. Mr. Ivanovs has had 11 solo shows in Latvia and abroad (latest solo show took place in Doha, Qatar), numerous group exhibitions and he regularly participates at art fairs (Art Moscow, etc). In June 2009, a Ritums Ivanovs painting “Frame 05” was sold at the Sotheby’s auction in London. The painter’s works are included in collections of Latvian National Museum of Art, State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, private museum in Munster, private collections in Latvia and abroad.