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Riin Pallon

Riin Pallon (b. 1978) studied Painting (BA) and Art Teacher (MA) at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Also studied at the Karlsruhe Academy of Fine Arts in Germany as an exchange student in the painting class of Gustav Kluge. He currently lives and works in Rapla. Participates in exhibitions since 2004, after the exhibition break (2014-2019) for family reasons, participated in a large exhibition again at the end of 2019. Since 2010, together with another artist, she has created the Raplamaa Contemporary Art Center, where he organizes exhibitions and children’s art projects. She is a member of the Estonian Painters’ Union. Her paintings are visually meaningful and multifaceted in content, universal themes are related to personal perspectives and experiences and you can also find some certain dose of (self-) irony. In many paintings, apocalyptic stop-shots shine through, bubbling with energy and leading viewers for a walk through poetic landscapes.


I`ll let you dream  
When I look into your eyes I see the dramatic sky  
In two places at once  
The core glows