NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Peeter Laurits

Peeter Laurits (b. 1962) is a photo artist who has long been a fixture on the art scene. In 1992, he founded the group DeStudio with Herkki-Erich Merila, which became known for its postmodernist collages, and fashion and advertising photography. As the DeStudio period started coming to a close, Laurits moved to Kütiorg in Võru County. In this unspoiled rural area, his work started proceeding in new directions.

“Codex Naturalis” was an extensive series of photo collages from 2013-2016 where we see patterns of human and natural origin meeting and intertwining. Laurits’s eye penetrates deep into both worlds, finding similarities between knots in wood and the Paris Metro network. The fact that the macro and micro worlds do not completely coincide hints at the impossibility of complete synchronicity between the work of people and nature.

Source: Estonian Photographic Art Fair


Triptych of Memory  
106 x 206 cm