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Mirjam Varik Emerging artist

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Mirjam Varik (1990) has studied photography at Tartu High School of Art and as an exchange student at Linz University of Arts. She then graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts, Department of Graphic Design. She recently completed her master's studies in contemporary art at the Estonian Academy of Arts. In her artistic practice, Varik articulates things that seem unimportant in the development of a person, but which have a lasting effect on a person. Through photography, video and installation, she explores the experience of childhood – memories, places and phenomena – in a narrative way.

Most recently, she participated in group exhibitions at the Kuno Biennale at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, "Once upon a time cherries grew in my garden" at the Raja gallery, and "Creative realities" at the Karepa Villa Dombrovka exhibition. She was awarded the "Learn and shine" scholarship of the Estonian Academy of Arts.


Hairy orchid by Mirjam Varik
Hairy orchid  
300 x 300 cm


In the lobby of the Academy of Sciences by Mirjam Varik
In the lobby of the Academy of Sciences  
29 x 42 cm

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