NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Marta Veinberga Emerging artist

Marta Veinberga (born 1983) is a visual artist living and working in Riga (LV). She is a person with diverse interests and abilities, which made her pursue different other subjects before switching to arts (e.g. she holds a BA in Public Heath). However, free-time studies of photography and drawing were an impulse to take the interest in art / design more seriously.

Marta Veinberga started her studies at the Art Academy of Latvia in 2010, first, at the Department of Environmental design (a hybrid design-art program), but then switched to the Visual arts (painting) – program that she has currently graduated at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, both with distinction. She has also taken an additional theory course at the Helsinki University of Arts; has had two solo exhibitions (A Short Presence,2014 and Youkali, 2018) and showed her work in group exhibition in Latvia, as well as abroad.

In 2016 Marta Veinberga has won the Brederlo-von Sengbusch Art Prize, Vilhelms Purvitis premium of the Art Academy of Latvia, and during 2016 – 2018 has received the art grant of patroness Ināra Tetereva.