NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Maria Evestus Emerging artist

Maria Evestus (born 1986 in Kuressaare, Estonia) started her career as a painter in 2010. To this date she has shown her work in 19 solo shows in Estonia and over forty joint shows in Estonia and Finland. Her work is inspired by medieval art, mysticism, pop-surrealism, myths, plychedelia and fairy-tales, ; it feels naive yet wise, straight-forward yet full of open-ended narratives. The main keywords here are rythms, sacral, ancient, pop, symmetry, deviation, decorative, narrative. Evestus´ works can be found in many private collections in Estonia, Germany, Finland and the UK.



Two mushrooms  
The Heart of the Unicorn  
Pentaptych or Creation of Stories  


Foliage II