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Karl-Kristjan Nagel

Karl-Kristjan Nagel (born 1977) has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts as a painter in 1999. He is a member of the Estonian Artists´Association since 2011.

Art historian Eha Komissarov has commented on Nagel´s works with the following words: “It is not easy to write an overview of Karl Nagel. His paintings are often impressive, but in a way that transfixes the mind and inspires words that die on ones lips. Nagel does not concern himself with the traditional approaches to presentation in the local art scene nor the expectations prevailing in society. The story of this contradictory artist often begins at the moment he manages to render the oppressive and desolate context visually attractive – using description he overcomes the viewers distance, which is a protective device, and throws sense and reason into opposition. In his best works, Karl Nagel achieves authentic descriptions of death, guilt and war, all under the guise, saturated with negative references, of a politically engaged artist.

Works in collections: Bank of Estonia, Kumu Art Museum, Tartu Art Museum, etc.

*Excerpt from Eha Komissarov´s essay “KARL NAGEL. Pain things“ in the collection “Artists of Estonia 3” (Tallinn: Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia, 2007)


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