NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Kaisa Maasik Emerging artist

Kaisa Maasik (b. 1994, Tartu) is an artist living and working in Tallinn, whose main technique is photo- and video installation. At the moment, she is finishing her BA degree in photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She has taken part in exhibitions in Estonia, Finland and Germany. Since 2016, Kaisa Maasik has been a member of Umbrella Group, and the same year started her collaboration with Ave Vellesalu. Their joint project “Don’t Go Faking My Art” dealt with the problem of copyrights. Her first two project as a curator were the exhibition “Lost Friends” by Keiu Maasik and the second exhibition of Umbrella Group “Not Really”.


1 x 1 cm
Even My Art is Fake  
1 x 1 cm


Curating the exhibition "Not Really"  
1 x 1 cm
Tomorrow Never Knows  
270 x 270 cm