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Juhan Soomets Emerging artist

Juhan Soomets

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Juhan Soomets (1975) is best known as an author of the soundroom “The Artist´s Room”. For this artwork he earned the first Baltic Young Artist Award. Juhan is experimenting with interaction, shared authorship and interfaces in a form of low-tech mixed with contemporary practices. Given up authorship, a work of art is born in gallery by visitors participation or is made from beginning to end by generative machine (Mandala series of graphics). Juhan Soomets has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts, Department of New Media MA (2016), he also has a BA degree from the University of Tallinn as art teacher(2004).


Graph 1/2 by Juhan Soomets
Graph 1/2  
80 x 120 cm
Mandala XXXVI by Juhan Soomets
Mandala XXXVI  
80 x 80 cm
Mandala XXXV by Juhan Soomets
Mandala XXXV  
80 x 80 cm


Interface by Juhan Soomets
60 x 60 cm


The Artists´ Room by Juhan Soomets
The Artists´ Room  
250 x 300 cm

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