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Ingmar Roomets

Ingmar Roomets

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Ingmar Roomets (1995) is a young artist with a personal naive look and strong expressive handwriting. In 2019, Roomets started studying at the Pallas Painting Department of Tartu Art College. In the same year, he joined the Umbra studio in the Old Town of Tartu and started exhibiting. Since 2022, Roomets has also been a member of the Tartu Artists’ Union.


Midnight creature by Ingmar Roomets
Midnight creature  
84 x 59 cm
Rape culture by Ingmar Roomets
Rape culture  
90 x 90 cm
Shadow by Ingmar Roomets
90 x 90 cm
Fear based massprogramming by Ingmar Roomets
Fear based massprogramming  
80 x 80 cm
Liberation by Ingmar Roomets
80 x 80 cm
Meeting death by Ingmar Roomets
Meeting death  
80 x 60 cm
clash of egos by Ingmar Roomets
clash of egos  
25 x 35 cm
Between the two worlds by Ingmar Roomets
Between the two worlds  
100 x 80 cm
Andrea and Luna by Ingmar Roomets
Andrea and Luna  
30 x 20 cm
Like a fish in the water by Ingmar Roomets
Like a fish in the water  
80 x 70 cm


Being cozy by Ingmar Roomets
Being cozy  
35 x 30 cm

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